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Historical Restoration

Vanessa tells us about her involvement with restoration.

"In early 1997, I started designing and decorating interiors for the extensive renovation of Uphill Manor, a Victorian Gothic country house hotel in North Somerset,. The project involved the restoration and renovation of stencilling and gilding circa 1855, by the prestigious interior designer/decorator John Gregory Crace, an associate of A W N Pugin. Stencilling at the manor became the subject of a Period Living feature in the December issue. Using reproduction antique colours, I decorated the interior with sympathy to age and character, also replacing stencilling, which had been damaged by water from a leaking roof. Six delightful suites of rooms were created using specialist paint effects, each with their own comfy charm. This once neglected, fascinating home, is now again welcoming delighted guests."

Other historical work includes: restoration and gilding at St Mary on the Quay Catholic church, and sypathetically decorating an Edwardian built, Gothic style home.  Work in hotels in cities such as Bath, is often a way of creating exciting contemporary interiors in a traditional setting. Hotel rooms often lend themselves to more grandiose treatment, than those in our own homes!

Restored stencilling to Octagonal Hall at Uphill Manor.
Library walls sponged in green and gold with a re-cut Crace stencil border.
Ragged panels with grained door and overmantle.
Damaged area of stencilling before restoration
Finished work
Area of missing stencilling before design was replaced.
Stencil border reinstated.
Crace stencilling showing signs of damage.
Closeup of damage to stencil border circa 1860's
Finished work. Stencils were traced and cut from original examples
Finished work. Stencils were recut and colours matched.
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